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Welcome to my site of news and creations. I enjoy designing digital scrapbooking kits, background papers for traditional scrapbooking and Greeting cards. You'll find information on software and digital art. Remember search is your friend with this blog, just below you will find a search tool to help you find what you are looking for, using keywords.I hope you've enjoyed your stay here on my blog and leave feeling happy :D, please check in often to see my latest designs. You can Leave your own Poetry and favourite quotes in the online Poetry/Quote book, submit layouts made with blushbutter designs to be added to the poems or quotes you contribute!


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Permalink 02:40:23 am, by blushbutter Email , 102 words, 4359 views   English (US)
Categories: Digital Scrapbooking Tutorials, PSP tutorials, Photoshop Tutorials

Making a sketch out of your photos for colouring in with Adobe Photoshop and Corel PSP

photoshop tutorial for making a sketch to colour in out of your photos
Click to view larger

Just followed this neat tutorial on making a sketch, gee it was fun and Logan loved it, Caleb's here helping him colour in the family sketches.
This was a really quick page cos I just had to show you the tutorial link and how well it works. It really is 3 easy steps

If your a PSP user I have done this in PSP before and heres a quick tutorial link for that.
Turning Photos into sketches in PSP

turning a photo into a sketch in PSP

turning a photo into a sketch in PSP
A close up of my PSP sketch


Permalink 05:25:08 am, by blushbutter Email , 473 words, 1623 views   English (US)
Categories: Digital Scrapbooking Tutorials, links to Sites with Freebies, PSP tutorials, Photoshop Tutorials

Making digital scrapbooking layouts into a printed and bound book for Baby Boy

I decided it was time to start and in time finish Rohan's book, I'm giving a go for publishing the book as they are widely used by alot of proffessional photographers and smaller book publishers, very reasonably priced to. I hope you enjoy following along with the process of my making this .

making a printed bound book out of baby boy digital scrapbooking layouts
Click to view larger

At first I thought I'm going to do all four of my boys at once but have since decided that it would be good for me to do one at a time and set myself smaller more achievable goals as that method helps me to overcome procrastination :)
This is a small preview of the dust jacket for my book of Rohan, yes blurb have dust jackets on the hardcover books- woohoo!
Well I better get back to filling up my pages and going through my large collection of photos to try and work out which ones I must have in his book, no easy task I must say.
Rohan on an extracted swing hanging from wool back cover of book
Click to view larger

Rohan on an extracted swing hanging from pinned wool, back cover of book

I had a great deal of fun making this layout, I've been wanting to make a hanging swing using some kind of string for ages, so I thought it might be really nice on the back cover of Rohans book, that I'm making him.
Oh and of course I just had to try that photo extraction method I saw on a tutorial site, I might have to go and hunt down that link, it was a while ago now. Deb Mommens inspired the faded image in the background , because her pages always look wonderful using that technique :)

Photo popping out or photo frame tutorial links or out of bounds tutorials:

All these next links are care of Kori Dorn and her research:

For more on the shadows of OOB:

Also highly recommended: and it's companion on frames:

A few more:
( I love this it has a whale jumping out of the photo frame! a must see!)

For ideas on your own (or just to oh and ah at what other's have come up with)
thank-you Kori, all these techniques really helped me to do what i wanted to do with my book cover :)


Permalink 09:11:20 am, by blushbutter Email , 185 words, 2124 views   English (US)
Categories: Digital Scrapbooking Tutorials, PSP tutorials, Photoshop Tutorials

Folded Book - card tutorial with scrapbooking papers and images

I have been making some Folded card books out of my scrapbooking papers and having a really enjoyable time doing so. After I saw a complex tutorial on how to make folded books, I couldn't work it out so I went in search of help from my crafty friends(thank-you April xo :) My Hubby ended up helping me as well to finess the folding too. I hope this inspires you to give them a try, they are alot of fun to make! I used my blushbutter printed scrapbooking paper from the Fairy things and Butterfly Wings kit and the card from the Printable Fae's cut n prints.
I think my scrap paper is just a little too thick but gee it feels nice and it looks really pretty when you open up the folds. I recycled an old gift card and covered it with my faes so the cover would be thicker to hold the little book. I then punched holes in it and tied ribbons for it to close.

folded card book tutorial with scrapbooking papers
click to view larger

folded card book tutorial with scrapbooking papers
click to view larger

folded card book tutorial with scrapbooking papers
click to view larger

thank-you for looking :)


Permalink 10:39:28 pm, by blushbutter Email , 372 words, 3140 views   English (AU)
Categories: Digital Scrapbooking Tutorials, links to Sites with Freebies, Photoshop Tutorials

How to make a corresponding matching page for the scrapbooking digital computer albums

Here is the muddy boy I promised. With this layout I like to use a technique I accidently discovered and thought you may want to do it also. I like for my digital scrapbooking albums to have matching 2 page spreads in the album I think it looks more balanced when looking through a printed digital album, it doesn't matter so much on the DVD slide shows but makes a real difference in the hard bound albums.
What I do to quickly come up with a corresponding page it to go into my photoshop program and choose : IMAGE (under the menu)> scroll down to ROTATE CANVAS > then select FLIP CANVAS HORIZONTAL and repeat this step but choose >FLIP CANVAS VERTICAL
then I swapped the background papers to be a little more different, you may have to drag another background paper into your project if you have cut and altered your origainal piecs like me. I use the piece from the original document and make it selected and then inverse that selection , make sure the background paper I want to cut from is selected in the layers palette and cut that way I get a perfect copy of the shape of the original. Then I just flip all the objects/elements that are up the wrong way with EDIT>TRANSFORM>FLIP HORIZONTAL etc...
add in more photos to follow the story of the previous layout and add some texting effects ,time stamps and titles.
I got this texting effect from the wonderful Linda Sattgast from she has some wonderful free video Adobe photoshop and elements tutorials weekly and if you miss one you can still purchase it in the store for a $1.00, they are really easy to follow for the beginner and not very overwhelming at all.
This title I got from the phraze guide, a wonderful resource when you want a phraze in a hurry, I like how she has categorised the titles. I also like to ink the edges of my photos with a brown and use the atomic cupcake action tornink to do this.
The kit I used to make this layout is called the blushbutter ~ Boy! Oh Boy! kit LINK HERE

thank's for looking :)


Permalink 11:56:31 am, by blushbutter Email , 66 words, 1181 views   English (US)
Categories: Digital Scrapbooking Tutorials, Photoshop Tutorials

Bio rust Draw Anime Hair in photoshop

This site has some really great screen captures and very well detailed instructions on painting hair in photoshop for anime, great for your anime loving teens!
Tutorial written by := Centi nolavon
Jacinta Raphael taking a look at her art for inspiration, oh and she has some neat colour pages to practise the hair shadowing on for your anime newly aquired skills.


Permalink 08:11:08 am, by blushbutter Email , 100 words, 1251 views   English (US)
Categories: Digital Scrapbooking Tutorials, PSP tutorials, Photoshop Tutorials

Video tutorial links for using graphic programs for digital scrapbooking

I've also included links to the popular programs I use and the video tutorial links found at on the digi forum, you can view these free tutorials and please comment on the forum as to your experience with using these tutorials for your program wants and needs. I believe by turning around to help the people behind us can we only move forward. Also I've started topics for great tutorials and links to them found on the web for using graphic programs, please leave a link to your favourite tutorials that may not have been mentioned yet.:D


Permalink 08:39:40 pm, by blushbutter Email , 25 words, 1880 views   English (AU)
Categories: Digital Scrapbooking Tutorials, links to Sites with Freebies, PSP tutorials, Photoshop Tutorials

This is the best site I very much recommend this one!!!!

For digital tutorials to get you started this is the place definetely to go!! Woohoo!! Love it, kinda makes you wonder what's on that cd?!

=> Read more!