Conditions of Use

You acknowledge:
  To make use of my image products, you must have a graphics program which recognizes psd , jpeg and png file formats and reads layers: Paint Shop Pro, PhotoShop or Corel Painter.
  If you purchase blushbutter products without having the graphics programs required to use them you will likely be disappointed. Do not email me after puchasing saying you can't see the images, that your images are "all jumbled up", or that what you see doesn't match the promo images. By purchasing blushbutter images and graphics you acknowledge you have an understanding of the digital files and nature of graphic software programs needed for editing the files found on this site for sale and that it is your responsibility to know how to use them. You acknowledge that you must have a graphics program that can read the graphics I sell and that it is not my responsibilty to guide you in learning how to use your program with my images. There may be other programs available which will work for your purposes, but I do not know enough about them to recommend them.
  The size of the digital graphic kits can be very large download , blushbutter can't be held responsible for your slow internet connections , the DVD service is made available for such connections and downloading issues you experience.  To request this kit on a DVD place a DVD burn service order into your cart which will let me know you'd like this kit burnt to a DVD and mailed to you, make sure your postal/delivery address is correct. By reading these terms and conditions you understand and acknowledge is not responsible for your internet connections and reliabilty of your ISP (internet service provider) is your sole responsibilty. will burn the files onto a CD and send them in the mail for an additional cost of $4.50. Sorry, but I can not create a zipfile for each individual image or send each image to you as an email attachment. You acknowledge if your internet connection makes it impossible for you to download the zipfiles, you will order a CD or DVD.
  It is not possible for me to do any custom work. This includes changing, adding to, or in any way modifying existing products in order to make them perfectly suited to individual needs. For your own benefit, please read and view the detailed descriptions provided for each product, and the TOU file which is included in each zipfiles. If what you need is not listed in the product description, and you don't think you would be able to modify the images yourself, it would be better not to buy the product because I will not be able to make changes for individual needs. What is in my store is only what is available. This disclaimer includes the fact that I will not supply the original, layered working files for specific products. If an element is not listed in the promotional description, I cannot supply it and did not intend to sell it.

Terms Of Use for blushbutter's Digital scrapbooking Kits and Products:
If you are interested in using my graphics for commercial use and publishing works - ie: tapestries,printed cards, greeting cards,bookmarks,gift wrapping,candy wrapping, scrapbooking kits, T-shirts, Mugs, Websets, E-cards, etc...
You may purchase a license to do this.

 Licensing fees to use blushbutter's © Copyrighted Digital Graphics:
$500 per digital greeting card
$3500 per digital scrapbooking kit.
$600 per digital Print-n-cuts sheet with graphics
$0.00 additional fee on the Professional use section and on Scrapping for Hire businesses
The only Professional use I allow is a scrapbooking for others small business (S4O &S4H), where the purchaser makes albums for clients using kits purchased, no additional lisencing fee charged for that. I allow professional use of all items under the Professional use section and no additional lisencing fee is needed. A link on your resources page is appreciated. Each Item has it's own TOU in the Professional use section.
thank-you for considering my graphics in your
business ventures.
My art is licensed to a small number of companies for various giftwares and printed products. I am currently accepting applications for new licensing opportunities. If you wish to contact me with regard to using my artworks for your products whether it be for paper products, magazine illustrations, book cover illustrations, or clothing, please contact me. All offers will be considered, but please understand that I reserve the right to approve or decline any licensing proposals at my discretion, and as per my faqs my art may not be used for any commercial or "for profit" based project without my prior, written consent and a licensing agreement!
Sending example images/photos of intended use will get a better response. for all enquiries
These Kits and products may be used for ANY personal use.
You may create and sell layouts as per one client basis, using these purchased Kits,graphics and products, but the original files themselves
may not be sold or redistributed in anyway. The original file names should also remain intact.
The files contained within these zipped files may not be used by anyone but the
original purchaser.
You may alter these images in anyway you like, but again, Once you have altered or changed the
basic look of the image you may consider this image yours. (This does NOT include colorizing the images,
repacking and calling them your own. That wouldn't be acceptable use for these kits and graphics.)
You may post your images created with my kits on the web, or submit them to magazines of related nature.
If you do, I'd appreciate a link back, or statement of creation. Especially if submitting to magazines,
etc. On the web I know some site's don't allow link backs, and that is okay.
These images are not to be SOLD via the web, or compiled to CD in any way.
If you are interested in selling my works, please contact me at
I can't promise anything, but I will hear you out.
If in doubt, please feel free to e-mail me with your questions or concerns at
or visit me via the web at

Terms of Use Faq
You may use this product for your own personal or professional projects, with
the following restrictions:
1. You may not sell, give away or otherwise make available to any other
party, the contents of this archive, either in whole or in part.
2. You may not use any part of this product in such a way that individual
elements of it could be extracted and use by another. This includes placing
them in tubes, psd files, png files, or on layers of any other derivative
product you may create. If used in any product intended to be distributed
digitally, any and all elements of this product used for such purposes must
be digitally merged with other images, such as backgrounds, frames or mats.
3. You may not sell the individual elements in this product to any company
for the purpose of that company using them further to create new products
or to distribute in any fashion. If anyone wishes to purchase them, send
them to me, and I will give you a finder's fee if any sale is made.
4. You may not use this product to mass produce any product for sale. The
sale of any digital product created as a derivative of any or all images in
this archive is limited to 250 copies, unless prior permission is granted.
You will find me easy to get along with. Just ask. The sale of products
printed or placed on any physical product is not limited in number.
However, you may not just print the images as they are, or sell them on
t-shirts, cups, or any other physical product. You must incorporate them
into a design that is predominantly your own.
5. This product may not be used for any project or purpose which promotes
discrimination or hate, or promotes the abuse of children.
The products that are sold through the blushbutter have been made using Vanessa Trendle's Poser renders and properly licensed material.
Each one of them is copyrighted
Some poser figures,styles,brushes,actions,designer tools and cliparts were procured through and liscensed for exclusive use by blushbutter and remain the property of the following:
Jude Manning
Cameo Couture
Ruby Lane shop Cameo Couture
Cameo Heaven
Vintage Paper vintage cliparts and photos vintage cliparts and photos membership/subscription site membership/subscription site membership/subscription site membership/subscription site membership/subscription site membership/subscription site cliparts  membership/subscription site  membership/subscription site  photoshop actions graphic software for stitching brushes  for the dried pressed flowers  Laurie for actions Vicky Stegal for overlays  Tandika Star actions

Please note that you're purchasing a license to use the product, not the product itself.
Refunds are not issued on digital products. We suggest you download some of our freebies in order to do a quality check, before purchasing anything from the store.
Licenses are NOT transferable.
Credit is not required for cliparts but is appreciated. It is instead required for illustrations.
It is your responsability to understand the following licenses.If you're not sure about something, please review our FAQ first and contact us if you're still in doubt.

Clipart packages purchased through blushbutter
You may use these cliparts for professional purposes, however, the cliparts must be incorporated in your own derivative work and should not be extractible in any way.
You may not resell or redistribute the original content of this package "as is", nor should you create a competitive package : creating tubes, brushes or other forms of duplicatas is forbidden.
You may not sell mugs, printed cards or teeshirts featuring these cliparts "as is". You may sell those only if the derivative artwork is original enough. If you're not sure, please don't hesitate to contact us.

"Printable" packages purchased through blushbutter
You may not use these graphics for commercial purposes. For eventual commercial use, please contact us.
These graphics may NOT be used to create new kits for sale.
You may not resell or redistribute the original content of this package, nor should you create a competitive package : creating tubes, brushes or other forms of duplicates is forbidden.
You may not sell mugs, printed cards or teeshirts featuring these graphics.

Illustrations purchased through blushbutter
You may use these illustrations for your professional websets, printed flyers or other compositions but you may not resell them in a modified form. Those are only intended to be used as a component of a final derivative product where the illustration remains recongnizable.
You may not create products derived from the illustration, such as brushes and tubes.
Illustrations require a linkback (on the page where it is used) to, with the following notice : Illustration (c) blushbutter.
You may purchase an additional "no link-back" license if you wish to remove the credit from your page / flyer.

Poser products purchased through blushbutter
Each Poser product has its own license file and instructions embedded.
Please review those licenses before purchasing any item.

"Miscellaneous" product purchased through blushbutter
Due to the different nature of these products, each package that you may find into the "Miscellaneous" category has its own license file embedded.

Free stuff conditions of use
Our free stuff is offered for a linkback. You have to link back to blushbutter ( on every page where you will put the cliparts. Also, if you create stationery, virtual cards or prints, our name and a link has to be mentioned.
It is forbidden to use these cliparts in any commercial work (if your website makes any profit, you're considered as commercial).
It is forbidden to redistribute or resell these cliparts. I.e. tubes and brushes are forbidden.
It is forbidden to steal our bandwidth. Please only link our homepage !

Any other use of this product not expressly granted is prohibited without
first obtaining consent. To do so, write to me at the address below. Please
feel free to send any comments or questions you may have.
Thank you for your purchase. I hope you enjoy working with it. If you make
anything with it I would love to see it. I always like seeing what other
people do with my creations.
Best Wishes,
Vanessa - blushbutter
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